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Sunday, May 3, 2009


we needed here:

Live on The Invasion Radio Show with DJ Green Lantern.

If you've never heard 'The Invasion', you should know that Green Lantern is about exposing the real deal. I knew this wouldn't be a normal interview when I walked in and saw they had a keyboard set up for me.

Keep in mind, I take my hat off to the true improvisational players out there. I've been around the world and seen some amazing piano/keyboard players. In fact - I've even hired a few of them to play with me at live shows or in sessions.

I taught myself to play by ear, and I was thankful I figured out the chords in time to get an arpeggio going. I posted this video to show that no matter your talent level - it's always important to give your all. People will respond as long as it's sincere.

Live radio on the spot is no joke.
one more:

Ryan Leslie Makes "Addiction"

Yes we were in the studio until 8am doing this one. Everyone was sleeping and the sun was up by the time I finished. It's not a game - this music stuff. I will not stop.


  1. wow this guy is awesome! love seeing this behind the scenes/making of videos

  2. damn i wish i had some freakin' talent!

  3. your dimples & hair are magical...that has to be some sort of talent