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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

our boys through gay eyes

afterelton, a website for news, review, & commentary on gay and bisexual men in entertainment and the media, has released their 2009 hot 100! how did our guys fare? 10/21 of our sidebar was included in the list. 

conclusion: gay guys have the same taste in men as omiomy

i pulled out some names that we've either discussed or should discuss for future reference below. if you don't recognize the guy, you can click on the name for a picture, but these are directly from the site, so it might not be the best picture. the last column is their ranking from the previous year. enjoy!


  1. LOL ohmiohmy r u really a dude in drag?

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, shhh. she doesn't want anyone to know!!!

  3. hahahahha!!! is that why im single?

    nuh uh! pssshhhhh, drag dont come this good girl! hahahahhha oh man. *roll eyes at self*