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Friday, October 23, 2009

matt bomer

i never thought bryce larkin was hot, (who?) the secret agent from the tv show chuck, that is...until i saw the commercial for white collar.

i might actually have to watch this show now thanks to matt bomer!


bday: october 11, 1977
height: 5'11 1/2
parents: father is former dallas cowboy john bomer
education: BFA from carnegie mellon

previous works you may recognize him from: chuck, tru calling, guiding light...

he was also originally the favorite for superman in superman returns, before the film changed directors and went with brandon routh instead.

In his spare time, Bomer enjoys participating in sports such as football, baseball and tennis, as well as playing the guitar.


  1. I'm having a bit of a love affair with him...I watched "White Collar" and it was very good! He reminds me very much of Henry Cavill, it's so uncanny!

    Thanks for this eye candy...

  2. Super attractive i have a man crush on Matt

  3. So long, Gerry Butler... Hello, Matt!

  4. I tottaly agree with you. that happened to me too...
    Matt's so hot!! bye bye David Boreanaz!