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Friday, September 18, 2009

bobby long

apparently today is bobby long's bday! he should be 23 today, but it's hard to know because there's very little actual information out there about him. no wikipedia, no imdb.

i do know that he is 6'2 and his favorite football team is manchester united. other than that, i'm sure i can search through fan sites but here's what his myspace says:

Bobby Moved to London from the west country three years ago to do music and write and play as much as possible. He is currently working on an Ep... His music is like drops of rain on a bull fighters back like punches breaking through a Windy Gail. This July bobby will be embarking on "The Dangerous Summer Tour" playing 80 dates around America and then onto Europe for a small city tour. In October he will again be making his way to America before Australia in january. Just like riding the old railroads.

there are also plenty of videos:

and some more pictures:

check out his album, dirty pond songs

it's "like chocolate"

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