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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bradley cooper

so if you've talked to me about bradley cooper, then you know i'm not a fan. he will always be will tippin to me...and will tippin was LAME (yes, in all caps), but this blog is not all about me. and OBVIOUSLY people think hes hot because all about steve somehow managed to be #4 at the box office this weekend and that movie looks TERRIBLE (6% on rottentomatoes).

most of you first recognized this one as the womanizer from the hangover:

or maybe the womanizer from hes just not that into you (not bias at

he was also in sex and the city, wedding crashers, nip/tuck, yes man, and as mentioned before, alias, amongst others.


- bday: january 5, 1975, height: 6'1
- irish (dad) and italian (mom)
- graduated from georgetown with an honors english degree
- was on the crew team at georgetown
- speaks fluent french
- divorced twice, dated: cameron diaz, jennifer aniston, dating: renee zellweger (her?)

catch him in upcoming films: 'case 39', 'new york, i love you', 'the a team', and 'valentine's day'.


  1. For the record, the first two pictures - you got the captions backwards. Hangover shot was the second picture, not the first, and he's just not that into you was the first.

    And he is not LAME. He is hot.

  2. totally hot girl... just accept it (no matter how sophisticated you'd like to think you are)