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Monday, September 7, 2009

budweiser lyrics - all together now

from darraghdoyle:

Here's the new Budweiser ad for their All Together Now campaign.

On the 4th July, to coincide with America's Independence Day, Diageo Ireland is launching a new Budweiser campaign featuring a groundbreaking 60 second TV advertisement titled Lyrics.

The Shoot

Lyrics is an ad about people from all over a city coming together to spell out the words to the Beatles track All together now in time to a train as it passes by. Written by Dave Henderson and Richard Denney, and shot by award winning Director Chris Palmer, it was shot over 5 days from an actual train on the metro-rail as it tracked around the city of Chicago.

All in all, the film and crew were on the train for 50 hrs over a 5 day period in temperatures that were often below freezing. Technically it was a remarkably complex shoot as the train needed to be integrated into the everyday running of the usual metro time table, and needed to go at exact speeds that mimicked the pace of the song.

Each lyric then needed to happen at exactly the right moment as the train tracked by so that it could be captured on film. With over 30 Lyrics sets at any one time spread over an 8km loop of the city, it was a logistical challenge to say the least.

Another challenge was that all of the actors were outside for up to 10 hrs a day in the freezing temperatures, often in costumes that provided little warmth. As such there was almost an entire crew of people dedicated to keeping the actors warm with blankets, thermoses and portable heaters.

The people of Chicago were brilliant as well and invited actors into their homes and offered them some respite from the bitter weather during shoot down time glorious stuff.

The Music

All Together Now was written by Lennon & McCartney and originally recorded by the Beatles in 1967 (released in 1969)

The band behind the music track is The Hours (they are touring with U2 in August), who were able to find time in between touring to re-record a version of the Beatles original specifically for the ad

The band chose to record the track as organically as possible to keep the tone in line with the film and was recorded in their hotel room using basic unsophisticated equipment and some of the percussion was even made in obscure ways like banging a fire extinguisher against a metal heater.

pretty cool!

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