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Thursday, September 10, 2009

eric bana

there's not many men that can make a whole row of girls in the movie theater go "mmmhhhh" in consecution as he checks himself in a mirror on screen...but this one can...

he is none other than, 2-time australian film institute best actor winner, eric bana. born august 9, 1968 to a croatian father and german mother, he is 6 feet 3 inches of pure hunk.


- began his career as a stand-up comic
- had his own sketch comedy series, the eric bana show
- works on & races both bikes & cars
- avid supporter of australian football

in other words, he's funny and true MAN...perfect

you may recognize him from Chopper (Chopper), Black Hawk Down (Hoot), Hulk (Bruce), Troy (Hector), Munich (Avner). more recently Star Trek (Nero), Time Travelers Wife (Henry), and back to his comedy roots, Funny People (Clarke).


from wikipedia:
Bana is an ambassador for Father Chris Reilly's charity for homeless young people, Youth off the Streets. Bana is also active in campaigns with the Australian Childhood Foundation and the Bone Marrow Donor Institute. Since 1995, he has participated in the Motorcycle Riders Association Toy Run in Melbourne, which raises money and toys for needy children at Christmas. He has also worked with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, donating money to animal shelters in Berlin while filming Troy in 2004.

on top of all that (and unfortunately for us), he is a devoted husband (rebecca gleeson) and father of two (klaus and sophia)!

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