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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

butch walker

I'm wired... I'm tired....and...


i just saw “It Might Get Loud” at the Landmark cinema on Pico.. it was so good and made me love and realize why i got into music in the first place. i used to watch footage of jimmy page and Zep when i was young, whenever they would come on a public access show on TV called TV 69 (this was pre-internet/cellphone/9-11/perez hilton), and lose my mind at how mysterious and larger than life it was. hard to believe that no magazine or critic would touch them then.. pity what the press never realized and how scared they were of seeming too old to like anything embraced by the young… i just ran out of room and enlarged my text window.. this is gonna be a humdinger…

pardon my italian, but jack white is a bad ass motherfucker. i have always known this, but it solidified my man-crush when i could see his love for the ACT. he is a poser, not a poseur. he knows when the camera is on, and knows what he is gonna say, do, and mug. he will never admit it, but i know. that’s not to say that he isn’t primal. he is the nu-purveyor of impulse. i love him. he will step up and play anything and it will sound great. sloppy but confident. i wish that More artists would possess this. it would make their shows less….hmmm…. boring? i have never been starstruck by many artists. i was playing lollapalooza a couple of years ago (Wolfmother! remember them?) and the Raconteurs were playing. i am friends with a super talented gent by the name of Brendan Benson who is one of the singers and gtr players in the band. he invited me back after they melted my head off from playing a show that looked and felt like it was done in 1974. i sat next to all the guys as they ate beans and drank various assortments. i got introduced to Jack (to my right), and i said “hi. I’m Butch”… a minute went by and people were conversing. he looked back over and said “wait…Butch Walker??”… i nervously said “Yes”.. another 15 seconds went by and then he sheepishly said “oh”…. i have never been so uncomfortable in my life. i still to this day don’t know if it was a good “oh” or a bad “oh”. so weird for me to care about someone i just met, better yet, have been a few years his superior in life and music by a long shot or two. i mean. i wore red and black on Conan before he even wore a white stripe. i felt like a cougar or some shit….

all i know is, i am so full of life, full of recharged goodness and ready to feel music again. i love the new record i have recorded with my band. and i can’t wait to go play these songs, and even songs i wrote years ago. i love this about my job. every once in awhile something comes along to make you feel small, curious, and eager to be the first in line at the record shop (RIP). i think it was my great uncle that said,

“life is full of zits… pop them…”


that was amazing...he also recently tweeted that he was thinking about taking up a residency somewhere in LA...time to move to LA ladies! in case you haven't seen's the trailer for the movie:

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